VIDEO:9-Year-Old Girl Learning How To Shoot Kills Her Trainer

vllkytaHR0cDovL2Nkbi0wMS5uYWlqLmNvbS9vLzlZbk13cXp2aFNRb1hnT05MMWFYMjBYVi5qcGc=.prx.r800x600.6e9aa480A 9-year-old girl from White Hills, Arizona, USA, has been left traumatized after she accidentally head shot her instructor and killed him. The girl was learning how to use a submachine gun at the Bullets and Burgers, gun range in White Hills, Arizona.

The tragedy happened on August 25, 2014, Monday.
Police say the girl started shooting, the weapon pulled back from her hand as she still held the trigger and shot her 39 year old Charles Vacca, in the head. He later passed away in the hospital. The girl came in with her parents and the sad event was captured on camera.
The range’s website has advertised that children between the ages of 8 and 17 can come and practice with guns if accompanied by a parent or a guardian. Police said that the lethal weapon was an Uzi, made in Israel.

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