Arab-Israeli Politician Said This About Donald Trump’s Upcoming Visit to Israel

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has confirmed that he will visit Israel at the end of December.

Trump is scheduled to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu on December 28th. Several Israeli MK’s [Members of Parliament] called on Netanyahu not to meet with Trump following his remarks that the United States needs “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States while we figure out what the hell is going on. We are out of control.”


Trump’s meeting with Prime Minister Netanyahu was scheduled two weeks prior to his remarks.

Several MK’s sent a letter to Netanyahu on Wednesday calling on the Prime Minister to block Trump from entering Israel. Additionally, Issawi Frej, an Arab Israeli MK from Israel’s main left-wing part Meretz, released a statement:

“As an Israeli citizen, I ask that the state treat the racism against me in the same way it would relate to racism against Jews. Just as it is obvious that Israel wouldn’t allow an anti-Semite to use it to advance its political goals, so too, should be the case of Trump,” adding that Trump “is a man who incites against 20% of Israel’s population, a man who wants to fan the flames of hatred everywhere he visits.”

Trump additionally announced that he intends to visit the Temple Mount in Jerusalem and denied reports that he would visit Jordan.

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