Argentinian twins have the biggest butt augmentations ever

Argentinian twins seeking surgery to fix a botched boob job and saggy arm skin wow surgeon with their VERY ample backsides, which are the largest butt augmentations he’s ever seen

A set of Argentinian twins flew to Los Angeles to meet with surgeons about fixing their breasts and sagging underarms, but before their consultations, the doctors couldn’t resist asking if their ample derrieres were real. 

On Sunday night’s episode of the E! reality series Botched, Dr. Te

rry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif met the Bruna twins, Nadinne and Dannita, who were concerned that their individual issues with their bodies were hindering their modeling careers.

But it was their plump backsides that were on the surgeons minds, and Dr. Nassif came right out and asked: ‘Your butts, are they natural?’

‘Eight months ago, we did a fat transfer in Colombia,’ Nadinne explained, and Dr. Dubrow couldn’t figure out how that was possible considering their incredibly trim physiques. 

‘Where did you get the fat?’ he asked in disbelief.   

Nadinne admitted that they actually had to gain weight, about six pounds each, to get the procedure, and Dr, Dubrow guessed that they had to about 300cc’s of fat injected into both of their butts. 

‘The Bruna twins had probably the largest fat transfer buttock augmentation I’ve ever seen.’ Dr. Dubrow told the camera.

As for facial surgeries, Dannita said they only had Botox and their lips and teeth done, and despite the interest in the their backsides, they were actually seeking help from the doctors for very different reasons.

‘I was fat like really fat. I lost about 35lbs,’ Nadinne said of her previous figure, explaining she wanted the skin under her arms to be tightened.

And while Nadinne had three breast augmentations so far, her sister has had five with disastrous results. 

After her first boob job, Dannita developed symmastia, meaning her breast implants meet in the middle of the chest, with little or no separation between them. 

‘The fact that a symmastia occurred with only a 290 cc implant unfortunately indicates that it was probably just a poorly done procedure,’ Dr. Dubrow noted to the camera. 

When the doctors went on to examine the twins, they explained to Dannita that they could only fix her breasts if she was willing to get smaller implants – which she wasn’t.

Dannita insisted that her breasts earn her a lot of money, and she would rather live with the symmastia than cut down the size of her chest. 

Meanwhile, Nadinne also opted out of surgery after she learned that in order to have her excess skin removed she would have to have the skin cut from her shoulder to her wrist, and she would be left with a large scar.   

At the end of the episode they were seen proudly showing off their bodies in skimpy bikinis as they rubbed suntan lotion over each other. 

‘We are confident right now and are best the way we are,’ the twins said. 

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