BBC stars reveal what they’d heard about Jimmy Savile including the jokes and gossip in celebrity circles

Top stars including Sir Terry Wogan, Dame Esther Rantzen and Louis Theroux were quoted in the Dame Smith report released today

Stories of disgraced DJ Jimmy Savile’s vile sexual antics were commonly told by a host of BBC stars, a report claims.

An inquiry by Dame Janet Smith, published today, quotes Sir Terry Wogan, Dame Esther Rantzen and Louis Theroux among other celebrities who had heard gossip.

Dame Smith said she had “no doubt that rumours, stories and jokes relating to Savile’s sexual conduct and habits circulated in the BBC over a long period of time”.

Here are the details of the tales the stars heard about Savile’s sick antics…

Dame Esther Rantzen

Getty ImagesEsther RantzenStories: Savile used to lick Esther Rantzen’s arm when they met
Dame Esther heard tales that Savile was sexually interested in young girls.

She was told the people making ‘This is Your Life’ about Savile wanted to include the parents of a young girl with heart problems for whom Savile had provided financial help.

The parents refused and “the implication was that there was another side to it…a darker side”

Dame Esther’s personal experience of him was he was repulsive, because he kissed and licked her hand and up her arm when they met.

Louis Theroux

WENNDocumentary filmmaker, Louis TherouxVile: Louis Theroux heard Savile was a necrophiliac
The documentary film-maker, heard rumours before he joined the BBC Savile was a paedophile and a child molester.

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