Bakassi_Boys[2]In case you’re not familiar with the Bakassi Boys; Read Below

The Bakassi Boys are a group of youth known for their anti-crime vigilantism, and are usually armed with machetes and guns. They operate in the Igbo area of Nigeria, and are sometimes accused of illegal activities and human rights abuses, yet enjoy popular support in the areas where they operate.

Source close to family Writers has revealed that Prominent Igbo leaders at a meeting in an undisclosed location over the weekend, decided on urgent need for the Biafra nation to organize their people for self-defense against the invasion and killing of Biafrans by the Fulani herdsmen and Buhari killing machine the DSS, It could be recalled that the dreaded group was once the a source of calmness in the whole of Biafran when there was need to peace.

The dreaded Bakassi Boys, a very violent vigilante group mobilized to terminate the troubling armed robbery menace in the south-east some years ago, were revealed to have started regrouping to strengthen other vigilante groups to provide security for local communities and towns in the south-east and this is a real warning to the Fulani terror group that they are about to meet with a superior powers and should be ready to battle face to face and blood for blood but in the same vain call on all Biafrans to remain calm because they are back for the real Action.

bakassiFormer leaders of the group who is still alive have been summoned to facilitate the regrouping of the Bakassi Boys and also handle the recruitment of new members. A source from the long-disbanded vigilante group revealed that their assignment is mainly to contain the menace of Fulani terrorist group and ensure that they no longer cause destruction in any part of Biafra land. He added that they are fully empowered to respond speedily to attack on any part of Biafra land by the Fulani terror group which has been ranked by Global Terrorism Index as the 4th deadliest terror group in the world.

This action has become necessary because it appears the Federal Government of Nigeria is not ready to protect our people being attacked by the Fulani terror group. This Fulani killing has been happening in the north central and we thought it is a northern problem,” he said. “Now, they have moved to the south to trouble our peace loving people. It will be recalled that Nigeria President Muhammad Buhari is of Fulani tribe, hence his silence towards the menace of this terror group should not come as a surprise.

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