Bridesmaids share the moments they KNEW the marriage wouldn’t last

Former bridesmaids tell the stories of infidelity, drama and last-minute declarations of love that rocked their close friends' wedding day

Feeling skeptical: Former bridesmaids reveal the moment that they knew their friend's marriage was not going to last

Always a bridesmaid, never a bride is a familiar lonely feeling many a single lady who has stood by her friend on her big day has experienced.

But there are some wedding days where the bridesmaids won’t have even a pinch of jealousy – such as when it’s clear from the get-go that the marriage is headed for disaster.

Now, in a new feature by, former bridesmaids reveal the moment that they knew that their friend’s marriage simply wouldn’t last.

One woman, named Sally, 29, describes how her friend and her fiancé argued on the night of their engagement, she texted another man during her bachelor party – but that was nothing in comparison to the actual wedding.

‘He was so in love, looking into her eyes, doing all the lovey things, but you could see he was in pain. It was because she never looked at him,’ she said.

‘Not during the dance, not during dinner… and whenever we would clink the glasses for a kiss, she’d get pissed and refuse to kiss him.’

The marriage was over in just three months, to the surprise of no one.

Anna, 30, told of how the groom was screamed at by the bride for forgetting his vows at the rehearsal, prompting her to ask the bride if she should really go ahead with the wedding.

‘She responded that they had spent $20,000 on the wedding already and it was too late now. They were divorced within a year,’ she said.

Of course there are plenty of cheaters being found out by the wedding party before the big day, with more than one bridesmaid claiming that they experienced a come-on from the groom themselves.

One of the former bridesmaids, Calli, 26, even caught the bride sending selfies of her wearing her wedding lingerie to an ex-fling.

Another maid-of-honor ran an errand for her friend the night before the wedding, finding that the bride had left her phone charger at another man’s house.

‘I never said anything to her husband; I figured it wasn’t my place and he would eventually figure it out,’ she said. ‘He finally did. After a few years of marriage and a baby, he caught her Skypeing with some guy with her boobs out’

But the craziest story has to be the one from 26-year-old Harlowe, whose friend pulled her aside on the morning of the wedding to tell her that she thinks she is in love with her.

‘I swear my jaw was literally hanging on the floor. I was already engaged at the time so I tried to calm her down and tell her everything was going to be fine,’ she said.

‘The wedding went on and their marriage was fine for about two years until her husband came out and is now together with one his groomsmen!’


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