Elijah Oyefeso – The 21 Year-Old FX Trader Claims to Make Over £35k a Month!

I dropped out of University and turned my student loan into £30,000 a month

The stock market made me a millionaire by the age of 21; I quickly became famous in the U.K because I controversially used my student loan of £30,000 to invest in the stock markets… which looking back now was a very stupid and irresponsible thing to do, but without doing that I wouldn’t be where I am today.

image4Before you read more of my blog, let me quickly introduce myself. My name is Elijah Oyefeso and I’m currently living in London, England & I’m a financial trader, specialising in Binary Options which is seen as the entry platform to trading due to its simplicity which is great for me because at the start of the year I had zero trading experience.

social2After the TV programme I was getting stopped in the street, harassed on social media by people looking for help and advice on how they could replicate my success and my trades. So in November 2015 I decided to start what other traders call a “signal service” which basically charges people a monthly fee to follow and make the same trades that I make.

I thought this was a great idea & it had a lot of success, which was great, but I also had a lot of people calling me an actor and that I was renting my Lamborghini, wearing fake watches and even saying that the money I had was fake.

Which is why I’ve decided to create this blog and I will be sharing one of my strategies that anyone will be able to follow. I’ve already shared some of my systems with loyal followers of my social media account and you can see the success they have had.

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