Mighty ‘Old Man’ Leverich punks Muscle Beach strongmen

Kenneth Leverich, an owner-coach at Orange Coast CrossFit in Costa Mesa, is not an octogenarian. He just plays one on a new prank video.

Prepared with Hollywood style makeup to look old and wrinkled, Leverich ambles over to Muscle Beach in Venice — apparently in March — and begins doing an Olympic snatch of hundreds of pounds.

Shirtless strongmen watch in amazement. Some call Leverich “Sir.”

He asks one lifter what supplement he takes. “Creatine” is the answer, to which “Old Man” Leverich responds “Prune juice” for his part.

As Barbend.com reported:

“Leverich is a multi-time CrossFit Games competitor and all-around freak athlete who has a crazy combination of strength, speed, and gymnastics skill. … So when Thrillist recruited him for a recent viral prank (sponsored by Smith & Forge Hard Cider), well, it drew a crowd.

“It seems like Leverich actually had the Muscle Beach regulars convinced from start to finish. We especially love the reactions of the shirtless lifter Leverich challenges to a snatch-off. … There’s no guarantee, but we don’t think most of the observers were corporate plants. And we really, really want to think the shock is genuine.”

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