How Nigerian man Ejike Eleweke was mistakenly executed for drug trafficking in Indonesia (photo)

The Indonesian government has finally agreed to the wrong killing of Nigerian man, Humphrey Ejike Eleweke. He was accused of smuggling drugs into the country. The execution which was carried out on July 29, 2016, took the Indonesian watchdog one year to finally realise that it was a mistake and agreed that there was maladministration. On Saturday, July 28, the Ombudsman (watchdog) commissioner, Ninik Rahayu, disclosed that this act was carried out due to the negligence and discrimination by the attorney general’s office and the Supreme Court. 

Jakatar Post also disclosed that before Eleweke was executed, he said that the government just hates blacks and does not mind killing them. He said: “The Indonesian government just hates us, they want to kill us because we are black.” Rahayu further revealed that the execution did not comply with the rules and regulations because it took place while the convict was still seeking clemency. He added that the Supreme Court was guilty for refusing the deceased appeal without proper explanation.

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