How to Leave the European Union

How to Leave the European Union

epaselect epa05383312 A British flag along with other flags of European Union member countries flies in front of the European Council building in Strasbourg, France, 22 June 2016. Reports on 21 June citing a survey indicated that 45 per cent of the voters are inclined towards staying within the EU, while 44 percent are pro-Brexit, ahead of the referendum in Britain on 23 June 2016.  EPA/PATRICK SEEGER           NYTCREDIT: Patrick Seeger/European Pressphoto Agency

British citizens voted Thursday to leave the European Union. There are steps outlined for members wishing to withdraw from the bloc, but no country has ever left, so the process is uncertain.
First, Britain tells the European
Council it wants to exit.

The basic steps of the withdrawal process are described inArticle 50 of the Treaty on European Union. It officially begins when the European…

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