How to Make Your Own Makeup at Home… Girls, Its time to learn

Buying cosmetics on a continual basis can cost you a pretty penny, and conventional makeup items can give your skin more than it bargained for due to the harmful dyes, preservatives and toxins contained within. In fact, according to Bionsen, a manufacturer of personal care items including aluminum-free deodorant, the average woman wears over 500 carcinogenic chemicals on her skin, daily. It is possible to keep both your bank account and skin healthy by making your own cosmetics with natural ingredients commonly found in the home.

 Feather-Light Foundation

Tiny mica particles found in loose-powder mineral foundations may smooth out your skin, but they can also be harmful when inhaled. The Environmental Health Association of Novia Scotia says that using these powders over time can increase your risk of lung disease. Make a weightless, natural foundation with arrowroot powder and cocoa powder. Use the arrowroot powder as the makeup base, then slowly sprinkle in the cocoa powder until you reach a color that matches your skintone. Keep the powder in an air-tight container or compact, and use a kabuki brush for application.

Naturally Beautiful Blush

According to the U.S. Toxicology Panel, conventional powdered blushes are mainly made of carcinogenic talc, which can also contain asbestos if contaminated. For a rosy complexion minus the toxins, make your own blush with arrowroot powder or corn starch as a base. Mix in a red or pink plant-based powder such as beet root powder or hibiscus powder until you get your desired color. For a dramatic nighttime look, simply add a small amount of cocoa powder or cinnamon to the mixture. Always store your blush in an air-tight container.

Eye-Friendly Eyeshadow

Eyes are one of the most sensitive parts of your body, yet traditional eyeshadows can contain allergens and toxic chemical dyes that should never be applied near your peepers. Keep carcinogens away from your eyes by creating green, yellow, brown and pink shades of natural eyeshadows with ingredients from your spice rack. In a small jar, mix equal parts arrowroot powder and shea butter to form a base, then add any colorful spice or powder you can find, such as cocoa powder, Spirulina, turmeric, allspice, beet root powder or nutmeg. Keep shadows in air-tight containers for later use.

Luscious Lead-Free Lip Gloss

According to a 2013 University of California, Berkeley study that tested 32 mainstream lipsticks and glosses for chemical and metal content, 75 percent of those tested contained toxic lead. Make your own natural, red lip gloss, sans metals by melting some beeswax on the stove. After removing the melted wax from the heat, add an equal amount of castor oil, then slowly add jojoba, sesame or coconut oil to the mixture until its a consistency you like. Drop in some fresh juice from crushed cranberries until the hue is to your liking. Allow the gloss to cool at room temperature and store in a covered jar.

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