How and when to seek clarity in any relationship

So here you are, meeting up with a guy for occasional dates, talking on the phone for hours on end, and just vibing well and getting to know each other.

As time goes on, the dates become more frequent…  you feel good with each other, everything is nice and sweet… but there’s are still no labels.

You are dating and basically doing other ‘relationship stuff’, but you’re still not in a relationship because, of course, the topic has not been broached  even though  it’s eating you up inside.

This is a familiar juncture for many ladies. The part where you have to say, “damn it, I need to know what we are doing here.”

After a while of dating and being together without labels, the need for clarification and clear expression of intent is needed so you know if what you’re feeling is mutual or you’re on your own.

You know it could go either ways – he could just be enjoying the dates, sex and all while you are already catching feelings and getting attached.

The easiest answer would be to ask him, right?

To ask what is it you’re both doing; and what all the dates, hangouts, and phonecalls mean to him.

Sadly it’s never that easy.

Most women fear that the guy might not be interested in a relationship, that all the time they’ve spent dating and hoping for a happy ending would be a waste. So they continue in the situationship even further… setting themselves up for bigger misery.

The real possibility of disappointment is not what many are prepared to face, and imagine initiating this conversation and the guy happens to just be catching cruise and enjoying himself, with no feelings attached. That’ll be mightily awkward to say the very least.

These are some of the reason why many women would rather stay in the comfort of not asking the ‘what are we’ question.

However, as probable as the disappointment might be, you still need to know! Ignorance is not bliss in this situation. If a guy is not clearly stating his intentions, or putting labels on it and you feel time is being wasted, you need to absolutely ask. Regardless of fear of losing him.

But when is the right time to ask? Some believe one month is ideal depending on how quickly the bond is being created and how strong it’s getting.

In my opinion, you have to ask before the end of three months after your first meeting. This is reasonable enough so that you don’t appear desperate to be in a relationship. It also ensures y9ou don’t stay too long before knowing what’s up.


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