Kate Henshaw and fan fought over Buhari’s China trip

  • Kate Henshaw clapped back at fan for insulting her
  • The actress voiced out her opinion on President Buhari’s recent trip to China
  • Kate Henshaw aside being an actress is the Special Adviser (SA) to the Governor of Cross River state

Following President Muhammadu Buhari’s China trip, a lot of celebrities have openly voiced their opinions on the state of the nation while others have had to exchange words with their fans on the social media. From Joseph Benjamin, Uche Jombo to Ime Bishop and now Kate Henshaw. The Nollywood star on Monday, April 11, she anticipated on what she expects from President Buhari’s China trip as she took to her Twitter handle saying: “Padded and Unpadded Budget…it’s almost a year and nothing worth holding on to. I guess we will hear from China during the week. Thank you” This tweet got the attention of most of her followers except one who came out to lash out of the actress saying: “@HenshawKate your mates are getting their handles verified and you are here wailing.”

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