Lateysha Grace’s denim dress SPLITS open after Big Brother elimination(Videos and Pictures)

She suffered major embarrassment when her dress split open on live TV following her Big Brother elimination, revealing her pink thong and bare bottom.

But Lateysha Grace’s red faced moment could have been even worse, if she had gone with her fleeting idea to ditch her underwear.

The 23-year-old The Valleys star was speaking to Rylan Clark on Big Brother’s Bit On The Side following her shock eviction on Wednesday night, when he challenged her to show off her sexiest dance moves.


The mortified TV personality collapsed on the sofa, screaming in embarrassment as she descended into complete hysterics alongside stunned Rylan.

However it could have been even more mortifying, as Lateysha has now revealed she almost ditched her underwear before her live appearance.

364303FF00000578-3689795-image-m-38_1468484227808‘About 30 seconds before I was due to enter the BB BOTS studio I had a little pose in a full length mirror in the disabled toilets, the lighting in there was awful so I decided against a selfie, but I could see a big panty line from my thong,’ she said.

364303E200000578-3689795-image-m-44_1468484301644‘I hate VPL and so I was about to whip my knickers off and go without, because it was a really long skirt, so no one would know any different, or so I thought.

364303E600000578-3689795-image-m-43_1468484287854‘Imagine how ‘shamed’ I’d be if my actual whole bum was out, I think I would have died in Rylan’s arms, she said before adding: ‘Also, thank god I shaved those legs’

3643043F00000578-3689795-image-m-41_1468484266313The single mother previously spoke of her medical woes after getting illegal bum fillers in Los Angeles in a bid to boost her buttocks.

Revealing her complex about the size of her bottom, Lateysha told the Daily Star: ‘My bum wasn’t small, it was average-sized.

3643044B00000578-3689795-image-m-40_1468484253449‘When I went to Miami, I seen all these girls with massive bums and I was thinking, ‘How the hell do these girls have massive bums and small waists?”

However, Lateysha – who calls herself the Welsh Beyonce – called upon the services of a dodgy nurse, who didn’t speak English and didn’t brief her on the procedure.

3643435A00000578-3689795-image-m-37_1468484219200She recalled: ‘I don’t even know what it was, it was some sort of filler but I don’t know what it was called. I had about five in each cheek. The needle was massive.’

The star has been left with life-changing problems since getting her bum fillers – but that hasn’t put her off having surgery in future.

Lateysha explained: ‘If I’m on the train or driving [for] more than an hour, I get really sharp pains in my bum, which I never used to have before.’

Lateysha was ordered to leave the house on Wednesday night’s episode after Jason Burrill won £20,000 in exchange for choosing someone to depart the show.

3643463A00000578-3689795-image-m-32_1468484172879Housemates were given the opportunity to win the cash, a fifth of the £100,000 prize fund, by being the fastest to press a buzzer after a noise sounded.

Jason was the quickest and got the chance to evict someone as part of the series’ Annihilation Week, but he angered the rest of the house by choosing single mother Lateysha.

She was left devastated by Jason’s decision, and blasted: ‘You’ll be out next, you’ll be out next, you’ll be out next.’

Lateysha also claimed Jason ‘didn’t need the money’, adding: ‘I’m skint on my a**, OK? I’m a single mum. This opportunity came up for me, why the f**k am I not going to take it to win a bit of money for me and my daughter? Who wouldn’t?

‘You don’t understand. You drive a f***ing Aston Martin, you own various properties, businesses. You’re greedy for doing that in there. Everyone in there deserves it much more than you. Everyone.

‘I just want to let you know that coming in here has been the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do but I wanted to get to the final. For her, right?’

3643017800000578-3689795-image-m-31_1468484163091When Jason tried to explain, she hit back: ‘I’ve got no time of day for you. You’ll be out next, you’ll be out next, you’ll be out next.’

When he was choosing Lateysha, Jason insisted he didn’t press the buzzer to win the cash, but needed to be the quickest for survival reasons.

To make things all the more upsetting for Lateysha, earlier in the episode she was seen telling Big Brother in the Diary Room that she didn’t want to leave the house.

‘Every time one person goes, the group gets closer,’ she said. ‘I am worried; I don’t want to go. Its the most stressful thing I’ve been through, Annihilation week can do one!’

Andy West was not able to be chosen as he previously won immunity.

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