‘Many don’t know that ‘Mr and Mrs Kogberegbe ’ aren’t actually married’

Olanrewaju Olakanlu and Dunni Badru are two people that have used their synergy and friendship to boost creativity and create a lasting legacy by jointly floating a TV production known as ‘Mr and Mrs Kogberegbe ’. The television couple who have touched lives through the popular sitcom speak with YEJIDE GBENGA-OGUNDARE on the journey so far, their vision and their partnership that has taken both out of the shores of Nigeria.


Lanre: I hail from Imeko in Ogun State, I attended the Lagos State Polytechnic for both my OND and HND degrees. I just graduated with a Masters degree in Internet Marketing at Full Sail University Florida; let me add that I graduated with the highest score of 100% in my campaign planning. I am married with two boys.

Dunni:  Dunni Badru is also from Ogun state. I am actually from Ajilete, I also attended the Lagos State Polytechnic where I had my HND degree in Marketing and presently I am a student in the United States. I am studying for a Masters degree in Criminal Justice.  And I am also married with two children.


We are both the Chief Executive Officers of a company known as Creative Village Productions, it is company that is registered in Nigeria and Texas, USA.

We are not related, we are friends and business partners.

What inspired the partnership?

We were working on a different program on Mitv then in Nigeria. We saw potentials and creativity in each other and we came together to form what is now known as Mr. and Mrs. kogberegbe.

 Whose idea is it?

Actually, Lanre came up with the idea and we both developed it to what it is today.


Our greatest challenge is relocating abroad. We didn’t want to rest the programme as it was already a brand in Nigeria but casting and cost of production is very high in the United States and that poses a huge challenge to us in terms of continuity.

How do you cope with this challenge?

Just like every other business, we work hard to raise cash for the production, God has been helping us and we are determined to ensure that things work the way we plan.

Genre of drama

Mr. and Mrs. kogberegbe is a satire drama identifying challenges in marriages and finding solutions and how to manage them. It is a comedy drama and the focus is on education.

Purpose of recent visit to Nigeria?

We came home for a stage drama titled ‘Screen to Stage’, we want our audience to see us performing live on stage and see the other side of Mr. and Mrs. Kogberegbe and our versatility. We thank God that it was a success.

How did creative village move from Nigeria to Texas?

When the Chief Executive of a company relocates, the company too has to relocate. But it was not a complete relocation because we still have a functional branch and crew in Nigeria. Our brand manager is also in Nigeria so we are much at home because we come to Nigeria quarterly to attend to business.

 How many seasons have you produced?

Well, we have been on the screen for seven seasons.

Anything new?

Yes, something new is cooking, presently we are working on a new program called AAJOO. This is an entertaining Yoruba family program that explores as well as celebrate the survival, achievement, success, academic excellence, entrepreneurship goals, art, fashion, lifestyles and culture of Yoruba descendants in the Diaspora.

What do intend to achieve with this?

This program is aimed at showcasing the continuous preservation and appreciation of Yoruba culture and our way of life outside the chores of the country also how to raise kids with cultural differences.

Other innovations?

We have the ‘Screen to Stage’ idea which is aimed at bringing backstage play to Nigeria, especially Yoruba environs. It is also an opportunity to meet and interact with our fans live. We just had another successful show in Dallas; ‘Mr and Mrs Kogberegbe’ all-white party. Pasuma came to dazzle couples in Dallas. It was fun and women were happy to have another fun night with their husbands.

We have so many projects. I just mentioned one, with the launching of our new YouTube channel, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Kogberegbe’ TV. We will keep the rest until it unfolds

Likelihood of full-length movie of ‘Mr. and Mrs. Kogberegbe’?

Mr. and Mrs. Kogberegbe movie is not likely to happen but something more interesting, something more hilarious and tailored to promoting Yoruba culture and how we can maintain sanity in our marriages and homes while settling down in this country.  Watch out for that.

How do you manage your different homes?

Lanre: Well, the entertainment industry is a peculiar one. So as an entertainer, the choice of a life partner requires one choosing a friend. When you marry your friend, there won’t be issues.

Dunni: our spouses are our friends, they trust and support us. We are blessed to have people like that.

Kindly check their Youtube Channel for more:

Source: tribuneonlineng

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