McDonald’s ‘secret menu’ chicken breakfast being tested in restaurants

A McDonald’s ‘secret menu’ breakfast item is being tested in several restaurants around the US.

The ‘Chicken McGriddle’ – the fast food chain’s first poultry-centred breakfast item- has been said to be on McDonald’s ‘secret menu’ for a while, but it is now making its way into the mainstream.


The Chicken McGriddle, which consists of a McChicken patty between two syrupy griddle pancakes, is currently being tested on the menu at 11 restaurants in Ohio.

The menu shake-up may be an attempt to make a comeback after McDonald’s profits went down last year.

Chicken for breakfast has already taken off in the US, with Chick-fil-A and Bojangles both boasting successful chicken-based breakfast menus.

Despite many photos of ‘secret menu’ items being posted on social media and several items being listed online, McDonald’s have so far denied that they have a secret menu.

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