Men are very honestly admitting the things they think make a woman boring

There are always going to be some qualities we don’t like in other people – dates especially. 

It’s not a crime to not like a way a person dresses, to find the things they find funny immature, or to have nothing in common whatsoever.

But it turns out, there’s so much more to being attracted to someone than you may think – and there’s even more to not being attracted to someone.

Or, so it seems, after someone on Reddit asked the rest of the community: ‘What makes a woman boring to you?’

Let’s just say, people didn’t hold back when giving their opinions.

Here are some of the opinions we found to be most insightful.

This guy can’t stand a woman who doesn’t open up
‘Inability to flirt back or make jokes back. I give it a while to see if they open up, but if they never do, it’s a bad sign. If we’re together for a long time, there will be times the only things we can say to each other are jokes or flirty things. They need to be able to play off me or let me play off them. Otherwise it’s just not fun.’

If you’re going to be pretty, don’t be bland (in his opinion)
‘The kind of woman that thinks that just because she’s hot she doesn’t need to have a personality.’

If you haven’t wondered about what this guy’s wondering about, you should just stay away
‘Lack of intellectual curiosity. Too much “oh, I’ve never really wondered about that”.’

We think we’ve found the Facebook police
‘I always try to look them up on Facebook and will always judge a person on their pictures. By that meaning if they post a sh*t load of pictures each time she goes out that’s one of my red flags. Another is that if they always have to have stupid faces (derp, duck face, moustache on finger…).

‘A third is if her pictures are mostly sexual. By that meaning if there’s a bunch of pics of her humping people or dressing skanky. Lastly if she is mostly drunk or has a drink in most pictures then I’m completely turned off.’

In this day and age, we don’t blame them
‘She’s more interested in how her life looks on social media than how her life actually feels.’

This one is… interesting
‘I wouldn’t seriously date someone who relied on horoscopes, etc. But passion about anything can be pretty interesting.’

After seeing this thread, we decided to open up the question to other social media users. Here’s what they said:
Matt, 45: ‘When I see the same woman post a selfie every day showing how ‘beautiful’ she is, I automatically think she does it because there’s nothing else worth knowing about her.

Callum, 19: ‘When every girl instantly assumes you’re trying to get with them or make a move and stops making an effort, when you actually just wanted to make friends’.

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