Mother of 12 refuses to apologise for wanting another child – as she’s grilled by a VERY angry Holly Willoughby

  • Cheryl Prudham, 33, from Lancashire, appeared on ITV’s This Morning 
  • Said of working benefits system: ‘I’ve got nothing to be sorry for’
  • Rakes in £40,000 but trying to find a sperm donor to have another baby  

3501C8B000000578-3629132-When_Phillip_questioned_her_unapologetic_attitude_Miss_Purdham_s-m-16_1465297832088A mother-of-12 who claims £40,000 a year in handouts says she has nothing to apologise for after coming under fire for announcing she is hunting for a sperm donor for a 13th child.

3501CACE00000578-3629132-image-m-5_1465297711042Cheryl Prudham, 33, from Skelmersdale, Lanchashire, left This Morning presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield stunned when she appeared on the show this morning to say she wasn’t sorry for working the benefits system.

When Phillip questioned her ‘unapologetic’ attitude, Miss Prudham said: ‘I’ve got nothing to be sorry for.’

She added: ‘Let’s be honest – everybody who is slating me – most get child benefits.

‘I’m not claiming income support and I’m doing my best.’

303F5E2300000578-3403333-image-m-7_1453018993353Miss Prudham, who works 16 hours a week as a cleaner to avoid the the £26,000 benefit cap admitted: ‘To be honest I don’t have the time to work those 16 hours with 12 kids, but I have to do it to avoid benefit cap.

2D5C11E800000578-3269511-image-a-17_1444726890133‘I don’t make up the rules and I’m not the government and I’m not saying you can have so much in benefits. But if that’s what they’re giving me, obviously I’m going to take it,’ she said.

2D5C11D700000578-3269511-image-a-15_1444726421975When questioned about the Mulberry handbag she owns and the breast enlargement operation she is planning for, she said: ‘I’ve had no cosmetic surgery but a boob job is what I’d really love to have. The Mulberry bag was for Mother’s Day.’

Twitter Fans reveal their anger on the mother of 12.

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‘Lots of women out there have boob jobs,’ she added.

She also discussed wanting to conceive her 13th child using taxpayer funded artificial insemination, and admits she is ‘addicted’ to having babies.

‘I’m addicted to having babies. Now that Tilly is nearly a year old I am broody,’ she said

When Phillip asked if there was a limit to the number of children she wanted she simply replied: ‘No’.

‘I don’t care what men think. I’m not interested in men at all. I would love a sperm donor.

Holly Willoughby became increasingly agitated with Miss Prudham during the interview and said: ‘I would struggle to sleep at night’. She highlighted the plight of those who struggle to receive benefits they deserve

‘I literally want a jar. None of the fathers pay for their children anyway so I might as well have a sperm donor.

‘I want another baby but not another man in my life and I’ve had offers as well.’

Admitting she would welcome the extra child benefits she would receive, she said: ‘I don’t see it as an extra income source but if the government are going to give extra benefits I’ll take them.

‘I can see why people who work 40 or 50 hours a week do get annoyed but I don’t get care.’

Explaining why she is no longer wants a man in her life she said of her relationship with ex husband Rob: ‘It was a very abusive relationship, he was walking in and out of our lives.’

But the presenters struggled to keep their cool as Miss Prudham boasted about her family holiday to Majorca, her designer Mulberry handbag and plans for a boob job – all funded by the tax payer

But in a statement, read out by Phillip Schofield on the show, Rob said: ‘She is off her head. I deny that’s the case.’

Miss Prudham added: ‘It’s much better. It’s much better me and the kids are much happier. I am going out working part time and doing my bit a well.’

One caller Kizzy called in with the message: ‘Good luck to her’, but another viewer had a far more poignant message.

‘My husband and I work full time and still can’t afford a camping holiday. Shut your legs and pay for your own kids,’ she said.

Other angry viewers also took to twitter to share their views.

Geoff Lee tweeted: ‘It’s people like her who give people on benefits a bad name…wish I could get £40,000 a year with my disabled child.’

Ivy-Ellen agreed posting: ‘People like her take the p***, my aunt raised a child with severe cerebral palsy with practically no help from the government!’

Also sharing her experience, Jules Birdie, tweeted: ‘I have three disabled kids get very little support and funding due to cuts. This woman made me cross.’

Rebecca Lee added: ‘Get her sterilised. Most people don’t even earn that a year.

While Faye Vincent said: ‘What a money grabbing lazy cow .’

In an interview with Closer magazine last week, she said: ‘I was hurt by Robert and find it difficult to trust again. Besides, how would I find a guy willing to take on all my children?

‘But I’m feeling broody again as my youngest is nearly a year old and I miss having a newborn in my arms. I would love a boy next.

‘Signing up to a donor website is the perfect solution. I want a smart, good-looking man who’ll donate sperm for artificial insemination – I want nothing to do with him after that.

‘This baby will be all mine – there’s no need for a dad. I don’t know if I’ll have more I never say never!’

Cheryl, who had six children by two different men before she doubled her brood with husband Rob, has hit headlines across the country for her lavish lifestyle despite her bumper benefits claims.

Cheryl & Robert Prudham and baby
Cheryl & Robert Prudham and baby

When she and Rob were married, they reportedly brought in £60,000 a year between them and managed to dodge the £26,000 per year benefits cap.

Now single and working as a part-time cleaner in Lancashire, she knows another baby will boost her income. She added: ‘Another baby would mean more benefits – so the more the merrier.’

‘I’m not worried about getting hit by the benefits cap, there are always ways around it.’

But her latest pregnancy hopes mean she has had to put cosmetic surgery on hold, after she went public with her plans to get a boob job and a tummy-tuck using £4,000 from benefits payments.

She said: ‘I’ve spent most of my life having babies and I wanted to treat myself and concentrate on me for a bit.

‘I’ve had offers of dates but I can’t be bothered with men any more and I’ve realised having babies makes me happy.’

Mrs Prudham, 33, has thrown her cheating husband husband Robert out of their shared home in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, after she claimed she found pictures of a naked woman on his phone.

She then discovered he and his cousin James Davies allegedly engaged in a threesome with the unnamed woman they met in a pub, just weeks after Mrs Prudham gave birth to his sixth child.

She had previously claimed he has cheated on her ‘more than 10 times’ and changed the locks of their home so he could not return.

She previously appeared on a Channel 5 documentary where she sparked controversy for admitting that she has no guilt about claiming so much of tax payers’ money to support her large family. 

The couple previously admitted claiming £800 per week in benefits – the equivalent of £56,000 a year salary before tax – which was topped up by her £250 a week pizza delivery wage.

They managed to avoid the Government’s £26,000-a-year cap on state handouts because Mr Prudham worked enough hours to claim working tax credit.

When her 12th child, Tillie Grace, was born Prudham sparked outrage for saying she was ‘too tired’ to push and chose a C-section, which costs the NHS £2,500, compared to £1,000 for a natural birth.

Last October she sought a ‘tummy-tuck’ operation on the NHS because childbirth gave her ‘saggy skin’.

The family, who live in a five-bedroom house, said they have been verbally abused after admitting spending benefits cash on foreign holidays, designer handbags and lavish presents for the kids.

Mrs Prudham previously admitted that she’d spent £1,300 on birthday presents for her son’s sixth birthday but says those with an opinion can ‘get stuffed’.

For her son Leon’s special day, she and her husband bought him a 50cc petrol quad bike with a personalised number plate which cost £500.

The 33-year-old has admitted that she’s ‘addicted’ to having babies and had her first child George, now 15, when she was just 17 while living in a homeless hostel in Kent in the summer of 2000.

She soon moved into a flat with her ex-boyfriend and had second son, Jack, 12, and her eldest daughter Caitlin, eight.

She then had three unplanned pregnancies; Maisie, seven, Lillie, five, and Madison, four.

In March 2009, she met current husband Rob and they had Leon, now three. They then had Lenny, now two, before she gave birth to daughter Lainey in January last year.

She then had twins Lacey-May and Lexi-Rose last autumn followed by Tillie Grace in June last year.

Credits: Daily mail

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