(Nigeria) Kaduna state teachers get another Failure

The Kaduna state teachers who failed the test should stop complaining and find new jobs.

Nigeria is a nation of absurdities but there isn’t anything more absurd that what went on in Kaduna this week.

Teachers protested and vandalized the State Assembly and it wasn’t for a good cause.

You see these teachers were fired by the Kaduna State Governor Mallam Nasir El-Rufai because they failed a Primary 4 test. Instead of these teachers to bow their heads in shame for failing a basic competency test, they had the guts to protest their failure.

Do you know how many lives these teachers have ruined because they do not know basic Maths and English? They are basically illiterates who have the nerve to protest and make a fuss about their lack of knowledge.

These Kaduna state teachers deserve another F for their appalling behaviour. They should go back to Primary school and get off the streets with their embarrassing posters.

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