Nigeria moves to make mental health test mandatory for political office holders

Senator Dino Melaye, a lawmaker in the Nigerian parliament, has hinted about their moves to sponsor a bill that would compel politicians to undergo a compulsory mental test.

This information was disclosed by the lawmakers during an event marking this year’s World Mental Day in Abuja on Monday, October 9, 2017.

Senator Dino Melaye said the rate of corruption among public office holders made the need for test compulsory.

“How can someone in his right senses use N2billion to cut grasses?,” the Kogi-West Senator asked.

“Indeed health experts need to collaborate with those of us at the National Assembly so that we can enact a new bill or work on the existing ones to make it mandatory for political appointees to go through mental health stability before being appointed.”

Other speakers at the event also expressed concern about the poor awareness on mental health in the country.

Dr Dorothy Jef-Nnamani, the Managing Director of Nova Health said the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) projection about the mental health situation in Nigeria made the symposium a necessity.

“Mental illness is not a death sentence, given the fact that numerous affordable interventions exist just like other forms of disability.

“We should challenge the low priority given to mental health and eliminate the stigma against persons suffering mental health issues and their families,” she said.

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