Nigerian-born basketball star goes nude for ESPN The Magazine

Nigerian-born American basketball star Nneka Ogwumike had no problem stripping for ESPN The  Magazine annual body issue.

Ogwumike is an American basketball player of Nigerian descent that plays for the Los Angeles Sparks of theWomen’s NBA.

The 27-year-old will be one of 23 athletes to grace ESPN The Magazine’s annual body and one of its nine cover stars.

Nneka OgwumikeNneka Ogwumike says she has been looking forward to be on the cover of the prestigious magazine (ESPN The Magazine)

Posing nude for the cover of the prestigious magazine has been a goal for 2012 No. 1 WNBA Draft. She was asked to be on the cover in 2013 with her younger sister and fellow WNBA star Chiney but they declined because it wasn’t the right time for them.

It’s always been something that I wanted to do,” Ogwumike said about the cover.

I think it’s mostly because of the elite collection of athletes that they pick. It attributes to your success individually because they don’t just pick anybody.

Nneka OgwumikeThe magazine has debuted online while the full magazine will be out later in July (ESPN The Magazine)


I thought it shows a different side of me. A little bit more of the authentic side,” Ogwumike added,

It also shows the confident part of me that a lot of people would not expect. I always thought the Body Issue did a great job of exemplifying a bit of a more artistic and graceful side of what athletes do.”

Nneka and NBA star Isaiah Thomas are only the basketballers on the cover with the likes of Ezekiel ElliottCaroline WozniackiJavier Baez, and Julian Edelman also on them.

Not many parents will want to see their children nude on the cover of a magazine, nonetheless Nigerian parents.

Nneka OgwumikeNneka Ogwumike’s parents were not happy about the cover but they respected her wish to be on it (Getty Images )

But although they had their doubts about the cover, they respected her decision to be on it.

It allowed me to show my true essence, it allowed me to show that I was confident in my own skin,” she said.  

This issue of ESPN The Magazine debuted online on Wednesday, July 5 while the full magazine will be available from Monday, July 17.

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