VIDEO: Nigerian President: ‘Yes’ My Country Is Corrupt

Muhammadu Buhari was speaking in London after David Cameron described his country, and Afghanistan, as “fantastically corrupt”.

The President of Nigeria has admitted to Sky News that his country is corrupt after David Cameron was caught on camera making the same point.

Asked by Sky News’ Diplomatic Editor Dominic Waghorn whether his country was corrupt, he answered: “Yes.”

Speaking in London at an anti-corruption event hosted by the Commonwealth Secretariat, Muhammadu Buhari said he would not be expecting the Prime Minister to say sorry.

“I am not going to demand any apology from anybody,” he said.

To cheers from Nigerian delegates in the audience, he added: “What would I do with an apology?”

Instead, he said Britain could be quicker to recover assets allegedly wrongly brought to London: “I need something tangible,” he said.

Others were not so forgiving.

“I am taken aback. I am not happy about it,” said Senator Chukwuka Utazi, chairman of Nigeria’s senate committee on anti-corruption and financial crimes.

Senator Dino Melaye called the PM’s comments “reckless” and “demeaning”.

Mr. Cameron was caught on the microphone on Tuesday telling the Queen that Nigeria and Afghanistan were “possibly two of the most corrupt countries in the world”. 

dominicHis comments came ahead of him hosting an anti-corruption summit in London on Thursday.

Mr. Buhari will be attending, alongside Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

With the Archbishop of Canterbury alongside him, the PM told the Queen: “We have got the Nigerians – actually we have got some leaders of some fantastically corrupt countries coming to Britain.”

He continued: “Nigeria and Afghanistan – possibly two of the most corrupt countries in the world.”

The Queen was heard, also on Tuesday, describing Chinese officials as“very rude”.

Speaking on Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions, Mr. Cameron seemed unconcerned about any diplomatic problems he might have caused.

Responding to an inquiry about Thursday’s summit, he tapped the microphone and said: “Well, first of all, I’d better check the microphone’s on before speaking. It’s probably a good idea.”

Mr. Buhari began an anti-corruption campaign when he took office a year ago.

Nigeria’s presidential spokesperson, Garba Shehu said: “This is embarrassing to us, to us say the least, given the good work that the President is doing.

“The Prime Minister must be looking at an old snapshot of Nigeria.

“Things are changing with corruption and everything else.”

The Afghan embassy told Sky News: “President Ghani and his government since in office have taken major steps to fight corruption.

“Countering corruption is a top priority along security issues for the National Unity Government.

“Therefore calling Afghanistan in that way … is unfair.”

Video Below:

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