Nigerians mimic man “spending quality time with bae Benz” on Lagos bridge

Some Nigerians on social media have started the trending hashtags #DateNightChallenge or #BenzIsBaeChallenge in an effort to mimic an unknown man who was spotted seated in the middle of the Lekki-Ikoyi bridge for a drink with a Mercedes Benz AMG GTS.

As odd as it may look, the man’s flaunting of the luxury car and giving it a treat at the unimaginable location gained the attention and admiration of Nigerians on social media.

The picture was posted on Instagram last Sunday by a Nigerian account for luxury car enthusiasts that displays cars spotted in Lagos. The post was made with the title “Spending Quality Time with Bae Benz AMG GTS”.

This image trended immediately it was posted and it went beyond admiration to imitation as many Nigerians took pictures in the same posture beside cars and even bicycles sipping on a drink.

Below are some images posted on various social media platforms as part of the #DateNightChallenge or #BenzIsBaeChallenge.

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