Nigerians will beg APC to stay on in 2019 – Momoh

NigeriaLogoFormer minister of Information, and erstwhile National Chairman of the defunct Congress for Progressive Change, CPC, Prince Tony Momoh has declared that within a year or two, Nigerians will be celebrating the Buhari-led administration, adding that by 2019, APC will be begged to continue to lead the country.

Momoh was speaking in an interview with the Daily Sun on Thursday.

He said, “If you see what has happened, what Buhari said he will do, he will fight corruption, he will create jobs, he will face agriculture and of course, he will fight insurgency.”

He said the President was a very predictable person, adding that the country was safe under his watch.

He added, “He will secure this country. He will do anything to secure this country. In other words, he will fight insurgency, he will fight hostage taking, he will fight armed robbery; he will fight anybody who wants to undermine Nigeria’s economy.”

“He will even fight those cattle rustlers and other people who are undermining other communities by destroying their hosts.”

Momoh noted that only a secured country will be making development plan, adding that stabilizing the country through infrastructural development had been difficult due to multiple security issues.

He said, “Security, plus stability will give us prosperity. There is no magic about it and that is what Buhari has been doing.

“When he started, about 14 local government areas were in the hands of Boko Haram. Now, the Boko Haram is not in control of any local government area.

“Secondly, you will see how much is being given to capital expenditure. I don’t know if we ever gave that much to capital expenditure in our recent history.

He also noted that the war on corruption has been massive as well as productive.

The APC leader pointed out that due to the involvement of some persons in oil industry, the sector has not done really well, adding that a cartel had been diverting and sharing the country’s money, which according to him, called for the removal of the fuel subsidy and liberalization of the down stream sector.

He explained “Then you will see the war on corruption. I think the latest you can look at is this fuel subsidy.

“You know that it’s a cartel that has been routinely sharing our patrimony through diverting the little we have to buying fuel, bringing it and people just sharing it.

“The area of capital development, that’s stabilizing the system is also going to be celebrated within one year.

“Look at the roads that will be built; even the money he put on the second Niger bridge in the South East and lots of other areas that will be empowered.

“This feeding of school children will be a massive empowering programme. There is hardly any area in this country where there is no public school. You know what it means to feed school children once a day – the millions of eggs you will need; the amount of vegetables, rice, everything.”

Asked if he was not worried about the APC led administration which has come under heavy criticism following the hardship being experienced in the country, a shrinking economy, a dropping GDP and what will be the fate of the APC in future elections, he said,

“I agree with you. Nobody likes to suffer.

“That’s why I said within a year or two, you will celebrate us. In fact by 2019, they will be begging us to continue in power.

“If by 2019, we have thousands of people who are empowered because of the economic programme we have, you think those who are empowered will not vote for us?

“That’s why I’m saying we have to attend to certain things. They are painful. But we plead for patience. Within a year or two, Nigerians will be celebrating Buhari,” he concluded.

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