Overflogging The Nigerian Dream: Olajumoke Orisaguna

Just like we all want to live the American Dream, Ty Bello created not only the Nigerian Dream but also the Nigerian Sweetheart, Nigerians have been ecstatic with the possibilities of being in the right place at the right time ever since we read her story. Olajumoke has become the miracle woman of 2016, she made us believe. Word on the street is that Olajumoke is now used as a prayer point in churches.


The institution of modeling, although not recognized in Nigeria, isn’t something that should be taken lightly. Is Olajumoke actually a model? Are Nigerians just over flogging the little miracle that happened in the life of the beautiful bread seller?
The answer is in the positive, she deserves every good thing that has been awarded to her but to use her as the latest cause of media content is everything but okay. The question to be thrown to Olajumoke is if she wants to be a model in the first place? She looks out of place and if you have an inkling about what the entertainment industry is about then you know that Olajumoke the timid bread seller, who photobombed the Tinie Tempah shoot, Olajumoke who Ty Bello is mentoring, Olajumoke who tries her best to bring out the inner fierceness isn’t ready for this industry.

She can be anything but a model, she can be a business woman, she can own her bakery, she can do anything she wants to do.So Olajumoke, please tell us what you actually want to do. This little light of yours, must it come from the runway or camera lights?

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