Police confirm ‘mass casualty event’ after protestors clash with neo-Nazis in Sacramento

The attacks come on a day when many US cities celebrate peaceful gay pride marches

Violent clashes in Sacramento between a group of neo-Nazis and others protesting their presence outside the California state capitol has turned violent with multiple stabbing victims, officials with the city’s fire department reported.

Trouble apparently erupted after protestors engaged with a group of neo-Nazi sympathisers who had gathered for a Sunday morning rally that had been planned for several weeks.

The Sacramento Fire Department confirmed there had been a “mass casualty event” in the capital city of California. Meanwhile a spokesperson said via Twitter that at least five people had been rushed to nearby hospitals, some with critical injuries.

Social media postings on Twitter and elsewhere showed police taping off an area of the Capitol park where the clashes took place and evidence of splatters of blood on the paving.

The melee came on the same day that many cities across the US, including San Francisco and New York, were holding their annual gay pride events where the focus was on offering tributes to the victims of the mass shooting in an Orlando gay bar earlier this month.

There were no reports of the police have made any arrests.

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