Popular streaming site is blocked making it impossible to watch Game Of Thrones

If you love Game Of Thrones but you don’t have Sky Atlantic, this bit of news might cause you to break down in tears right about now.

Popular streaming site Putlocker, which streams popular TV shows and films to users, has been blocked by a number of internet service providers (ISPs) after a High Court ruling.

mg_got_pl_grab-e1464276462670A number of free streaming sites are being blocked following the court order by some of the UK’s biggest ISPs

The High Court order was made earlier this month by the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), which represents the major Hollywood studios.

richi3It argued these streaming sites hosting content, such as the new episodes of Game Of Thrones, breached their members’ copyrights.

richni2Some streamers have now noticed that Putlocker has been blocked by their ISP, with Virgin Media now listing it as one of the streaming services they have blocked, according to the Independent.

richniAnd the internet has reacted.

Putlocker and the MPAA have been contacted for comment.

Credits: MetroNews

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