Pregnant bride-to-be is left in tears after her groom buys her a £140 ‘cheap bit of tat’ dress off the internet


Don’t Tell the Bride has seen its fair share of tears and tantrums over the years but viewers may well agree that the bride-to-be in the latest episode has just cause for being upset.

Bianca Ledner (ne John), 23, from Cwmbran in Wales, appears on the first episode of the new series of the show with her husband-to-be Adam Ledner, 33, hoping for a ‘glamorous’ ceremony.

However, heavily pregnant Bianca is left heartbroken – and in tears – by her fiance’s ‘tacky’ choices describing aspects of her big day as ‘proper s***’.

3661ED8300000578-3694518-image-m-48_1468842270388The programme, which airs on Channel 4 on Thursday, sees the couple, who met on dating app Tinder 18 months earlier, provided with £14,000 to pay for their dream wedding.

However, in order to earn this prize, the pair must separate for three weeks, leaving the groom to plan the entire wedding, and they aren’t able to communicate until they meet again at the alter.

However, crafty Adam has a plan which, he thinks, will keep him in Bianca’s good books. The groom has used two golden envelopes in order to make any decisions about the wedding.

He places one option in one and another one in the other, best man Alec then delivers the two envelopes to Bianca who must pick one blind.


Adam says: ‘My idea I think is quite clever because it sort of gives me a get-out-clause ’cause ultimately if the day doesn’t work out then it’s Bianca’s fault.’

One of the big decisions that Adam forces his bride to choose is whether she has an expensive dress or ‘the cheapest’.

With the pair ‘swiping right’ on Tinder in order to meet Bianca choose the right envelope – which turns out to be the wrong choice for her.

3661B2BA00000578-3694518-image-a-52_1468842331813Instead of the bespoke elegant floor length lace gown that she had dreamed of the former prison officer orders his wife-to-be a knee-length bridal gown online for just £140 with Adam adding: ‘If she doesn’t like it it’s her own fault.’

At seven months pregnant Bianca admits that she is feeling self-conscious adding: ‘I think the dress is probably the biggest thing out of it all.’

As Adam has dress delivered to Bianca by taxi, he says: ‘I am slightly worried about Bianca’s dress.


‘The fact it’s the cheapest dress in the shop but also the fact that she’s just getting it at home in a box. She might figure out that I’ve ordered it online so I might be in a bit of trouble.’

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It turns out that Adam had every reason to be worried. As Bianca opens the small pink box containing the short dress in a plastic bag she is quickly reduced to tears. The mother-to-be even questions whether it is part of an elaborate joke.

Angrier still is Bianca’s mother Rachel. Commenting on the dress she says: ‘There’s not one good thing I can say about it.

It’s a cheap bit of tat off the internet in a plastic bag in a stupid pink box and I’m absolutely flabbergasted and astounded.’

3661EDE200000578-3694518-image-a-59_1468842407301However, with the wedding just a day away Bianca must wear the dress accompanied by bridesmaids kitted out in see-through dresses that Adam secured for under a tenner.

The day of the wedding sees Bianca travelling towards Bristol airport with her bridal party, with many of the guests having high hopes for a ceremony in Spain.

However, little do they know that they will be barely be leaving the confines of Bristol airport.

Earlier in the show, using his golden envelope trick, Adam got his bride to choose between a ceremony in a disused prison or aboard a plane – costing the groom £5000.

The pair spent time travelling together after meeting with Adam proposing to his bride in Thailand by spelling out ‘Marry me?’ in rose petals and candles.

In the hopes to veer towards a travelling themed wedding Adam planned for the ceremony to take place during a flight and for them to touch back down in Bristol airport to have a full moon party in a disused warehouse.

As Bianca is called up to the front of the cabin of the plane she has no idea that Adam is sat up front ready to put a ring on it.

Unaware that she is making her way down the ‘aisle’ Bianca goes it alone without her father to give her away.

After the priest says a few words and the rings are exchanged Bianca is shocked to learn that she is married, commenting ‘what? we didn’t even get to say vows!’ adding ‘are we even official?’

Following the short ceremony, guests land in the West Country airport where Adam shows his new wife the setting of her reception.

Groom With Bestman
Groom With Bestman

As he takes her on a tour of the lofty warehouse covered in £2,500 worth of sand and £130 of plastic buckets Bianca admits that she is far from impressed.

She says: ‘Babe it’s awful. It’s proper like s***’ though she warms slightly adding ‘The suit’s tacky the dress is tacky, the flowers are tacky.

‘At least you kept a link and it all ties in. I don’t hate it it’s just like shocking.’

Since their wedding, the couple has now welcomed a baby boy.

Don’t Tell the Bride, starts Thursday 21st July at 9pm on Sky 1 and NOW TV  

Credits: Daily Mail

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