Salvaging Congo’s endangered species [Travel]

I took a trip to further north from Pointe- Noire to discover Congo’s endangered Chimpanzees.

With 98% similarity in DNA, it is believed chimpanzees are closely related to humans and therefore called our cousins, unfortunately, many think of them as a delicacy and so they hunt them for their meat as they are usually classified as bush meat. 
But some people are working hard to protect them.

Every week, HELP association travels to Concuati, the chimpanzee sanctuary to care for these endangered species.

HELP, in French Habitat Ecologique et Liberté des Primates is a Congolese NGO founded in 1989. 
The association promotes the protection of wildlife, especially primates like chimpanzees and their natural habitat. This video details my experience.



Cr: African News




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