From her breakup with Adeniyi Johnson, to her escapades with Seun Egbegbe which later hit the rock, Toyin Aimakhu is no doubt a strong lady. Amidst endless dramas, insults from fans and unstable relationship saga she still found her way out of the mess. Actually very far away from the mess, the actress traveled to the U.S weeks back and it seems she might be settling down there at least till the heat is off her. Ever since she landed at the U.S the actress forgot her worries and stepped into a new life entirely. The epic transformation in her look got her fans wondering why she never traveled out to relax all this while. Her smile, her outfit, her originality and her personality became more visible.


Whether she is using waist trainers or she is working out, she should keep up the good look. Though we are uncertain where this leaves her acting career in Nigeria but whichever way she has already made a noticeable impact in the yoruba movie industry and we doubt anybody would forget her face so soon.

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