Student who swung knife at classmates and was SHOT ‘was bullied for days’

high school student who lunged at his classmates with a knife in the schoolyard before being shot by police snapped after he had been bullied for days, it has been claimed.

The 14-year-old, who has been named locally as Logan Clark, was captured on camera wielding a large blade at fellow students at Procter R. Hug High School in Reno, Nevada, before refusing to put it down.

He was then shot by a school police officer after he failed to follow orders and is currently in a critical condition in a Reno hospital.

And now a Facebook post appearing to be from the boy’s father, Justin, claims the incident happened because his son was being bullied.

He wrote online: ‘To idiots that think Logan was wrong know he was being bullied he is not the kind to back down.

‘He brought the knives because he was gonna b jumped and he was the school knew of this and failed to act.’ (sic)

During the incident, the school was placed on lock-down prompting many concerned parents to rush to the school gates

One of the parents, Demick Laflamme claimed his son Demick Jr was a friend of the wounded student.

And he told the Reno-Gazette Journal that he believed that Logan had been bullied in the days leading up to the incident.

He explained: ‘He is my son’s best friend. He’s a victim and he’s only 15 years old. He is over at my house almost every day.

‘He’s a good kid. All of his friends like him. Hell, even I love him and I don’t like kids.

‘The kids take bullying into their own hands, and he was shot for it.’

Mr Laflamme also criticised police for their handling of the situation and for shooting the teenager.

He added: ‘How could they shoot a kid in front of a bunch of other kids? My kid was right there. He could’ve been hurt. My son tried to go help (his friend) and the police told him to back off.’

Police had initially declined to confirm reports immediately after the 11.30am shooting that the teen had been armed with a knife.

But Police Chief Jason Soto said that the boy was ‘armed with at least one knife and threatening other students’ during a fight at the high school in a working class neighborhood on the city’s north side.

The armed student failed to comply with the school police officer’s verbal commands to drop the knife, and the officer ultimately fired his service weapon, ‘striking the student and … stopping the threat,’ Soto said.

‘Once the threat was stopped, the officer immediately began to provide medical aid to the student until emergency medical assistance arrived,’ Soto said. He refused to take any questions.

Earlier, one high school freshman Robert Barragan first told the Reno Gazette-Journal that an officer shot a student in the shoulder after the teen pulled a knife and stabbed a classmate during a confrontation outside the school library.

Barragan, told the Gazette-Journal that two male students were fighting outside the school library when the campus officer shot the knife wielding teenager.

However there were no reported injuries other than to the teenager with the knife.

Hug High School was placed under lockdown and the 14-year-old was taken to Renown Regional Medical Center where he was in critical condition with a gunshot wound.

The lockdown was lifted by mid-afternoon and students were released to their parents.

A regional officer-involved shooting team led by Reno police interviewed the campus officer, who was placed on routine paid administrative leave, Reno police officer Tim Broadway said.

Broadway told reporters earlier on Wednesday that more than 40 students witnessed the incident, including many who shot cellphone video that police want to see before the public.

‘There’s multiple videos out there,’ said Broadway, the department spokesman. ‘There’s some very disturbing video out there. But there are other events that led up to this incident, so please don’t react to those.’

School district officials said classes would resume as scheduled on Thursday.

‘Counselors will be available for any student or staff member who needs assistance,’ School Superintendent Traci Davis said in a statement.

Several videos have since emerged on social media purporting to show the chaotic moments leading up to the shooting and its bloody aftermath. Daily Mail could not confirm the authenticity of the recordings in question.

In one video, a teenage boy dressed in a T-shirt is seen brandishing a large knife during what appears to be a school fight.

In another recording shared on Twitter, the same teen is seen writhing in pain on the ground while holding onto his neck, with a campus officer pointing a gun at him.

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