Sydenham Hill caretaker ‘so grateful’ that brother finally allowed to come to UK from Nigeria to donate stem cells

Cj8Ii0aXEAALqwE.jpg.galleryThe Home Office has reportedly made a U-turn to allow a Sydenham Hill caretaker’s brother to come to the UK and give him a life-saving transplant.

Isaac Aganozor, 44, has leukaemia and needs a stem cell transplant from his brother Patrick, a tricycle driver based in Nigeria.

But the initial visa application was rejected due to his socio-economic circumstances

The Evening Standard reported that the rejection letter from the British High Commission expressed doubts about Patrick leaving the country.

It read: “I note that you are a tricycle driver earning £69 a month in Nigeria but you state you have £1,500 for this trip.

“Given your limited economic circumstances in Nigeria I am not satisfied that these provide you with an incentive to leave the UK at the end of your stay as claimed.”

Mr Aganozor’s employers at Dulwich College, where he works as a caretaker, had offered to pay for the month-long trip.

They were joined by Helen Hayes, Labour MP for Dulwich and West Norwood, and immigration minister James Brokenshire in a campaign to turn around the ruling.

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