This is how to make your iPhone lightning fast


It is no secret that over time, iPhones get sluggish.

But 9to5Mac has found a relatively simple way to get your device to speed up.

The brief animations that run when you open an app take a surprising amount of phone power, so disabling these makes quite a difference.

This is what you do:

Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > AssistiveTouch

Enable AssistiveTouch and drag the touch button to the bottom right-hand corner

Go to Home and swipe down to open Spotlight


When the touch button moves above the keyboard, tap the space in the middle

Now you might have to repeat this step a few times but if you time it right, it will eventually work. You’ll notice that when you open an app – Safari, for instance – the screen will go straight to the page without the animation beforehand.

Now you can turn of AssistiveTouch if you want, as well.

Et voilà – a faster iPhone.

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