VIDEO: Angry Woman Forces Robber to Strip…

A woman forced an apparent would-be robber to strip naked in the street and walk home.

A woman forced an apparent would-be robber to strip naked in the street and walk home.

In footage posted to LiveLeak, a woman in Bogota, Colombia, grabs the hair of the man who allegedly tried to rob her and forces him to his knees as locals watch on.

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Despite the man’s protests she forces him to strip to his underwear.

It isn’t until he is completely naked that she delivers a few parting shots and lets him leave.

The man is clearly terrified as the tables are turned on him.

He pleads with her to let him go but the furious woman won’t let him go without humiliating him first.

With her handbag swinging in one arm, she keeps a hold of the thief in another and shouts angrily at him.

She forces the man to his knees as he quickly wipes away tears.

Credits: MetroNews

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