Video: BODY SLAMMED! Female Gets Taste of Gender Equality After Shoving Boy

wordpress-777x437In a feminist age that clamors for “equality” while simultaneously benefiting from “unequal” standards like “men shouldn’t hit women”, it’s no surprise when videos like today’s surface online.

The viral Twitter video shows a female student shoving a male student, causing him to stumble back and eventually fall on the floor. (scroll down for video)

With an air of invincibility and authority, the aggressive female walks over to the fallen student as if to loom over him and continue taunting.

But the boy, who’s name is apparently “Judah”, was not having it.

In one swift move, he stands up, grabs the female bully under the waist, lifts her into the air, and…well, this picture tells it all, doesn’t it:

The video is just one of a wide selection that I’ve filed over the past year or so, adding to a diverse library of incidents where females—roided up on feminism—walk around through life empowered enough to assault men, yet too weak to handle it when they fight back.

Watch the Video Below:

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