West Ham 3-2 Manchester United: Hammers win thriller on last Boleyn Ground outing

West Ham United marked their departure from Upton Park after 112 years with a thrilling victory that may have ended Manchester United's chances of Champions League qualification.

2860West Ham come from behind to win a thriller in the last game at Upton Park that also involved Man Utd’s coach being damaged by missiles beforehand

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CaptureThere are fireworks, lazers and all kinds of special effects going on at Upton Park. There’s also really loud music. Just let the fans sing their songs and remember the old days. That’s all they want to do. Oh, in fact now they get to sing songs and watch video highlights of past heroes. That’s more like it.

This light show is already more entertaining than the Big Sam era,” deadpans Jeremy Dresner.

I’m off now. But here’s the match report. Farewell Upton Park. Farewell Boleyn Ground. Farewell readers.

4563Slaven Bilic speaks: “It was a special game. A big, big pressure. This season has been great for West Ham. We work till the end. We didn’t want to lose our last game at this fantastic stadium. We were unlucky to be at 1-1. OK they are Manchester United. Some of their movement is hard to deal with. We knew they were highly motivated but we should be more than 1-0 up at half-time. We didn’t stop believing. We knew when the crosses were coming in we were good. So it came. And we totally deserve it. It’s a great night. It’s history. It’s a great game. A late-night game. It couldn’t have been better. It had all the boxes that you need [to tick] to make it a great game.” * Bilic starts pointing at boxes behind him on the wall.

Well, I’ll have to shoot off shortly. I’ll miss the “wonderful, wonderful” post-match show that David Sullivan spoke of. But whatever it is, it won’t match that game. West Ham will struggle to recreate anything like that kind of atmosphere in the bowl-like gigantadome that is the Olympic Stadium. A shame. But the fans will always have the memories of this night and many other special ones down the years to recall.

West Ham fans will celebrate long and hard into the night now one expects (hopefully not too hard). The ugly scenes before the match will hopefully be left in the past as they head off to a shiny new future at the Olympic Stadium. As for Manchester United. They held, ever so briefly, Champions League football in their hands, but paid for not being able to compete physically with their bigger, more combative opponents. Payet was criticised for not being so effective but his deliveries into the box were a constant threat. Smalling could not win the battle alone. Rojo, Blind and Valencia were a little too lightweight. They’ve let Manchester City off the hook.

3011Well, that was absolutely stonking stuff. The West Ham fans are belting out this. Fitting really.

“And with that, my favourite Arsenal are guaranteed another year of breaking my heart in the Champions League,” cheers Lance Berc.

2973Full-time: West Ham 3-2 Manchester United

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