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12998668_593989280763448_453444165013545677_nAt a time when Black student self-organisation has seen huge wins but also heavy resistance, it’s crucial to have an NUS Black Students’ Campaign that works towards unifying students of African, Arab, Asian and Caribbean heritage to advance and amplify our campaigns against racism, inequality in education and for international solidarity.

This year I‘ve been proud to be a member of the Black Students’ committee, working to confront state violence, oppose the PREVENT agenda, dismantling the Black attainment gap, supporting Black students in elections, and leading in migrant solidarity activism.

I am running to reinvigorate the grassroots of our movement, standing on a record of years of committed work on behalf of Black students, and radical activism, and I will lead a fighting Black Students’ Campaign.


  • NUS Black Students Campaign National Committee (Open Place), 2015-present
  • UK Students for Justice in Palestine National Coordinating Committee 2015
  • Bradford Black Students’ Forum Secretary, 2014-15 Bradford Islamic Society, Student Affairs Officer, 2014-15
  • NUS Black Student of the Year, 2015

Anti-Racism and Anti-Fascism

From the racists in the streets terrorising Black communities, to the racists in Parliament wrecking Black lives with impunity, we need a Black Students’ Campaign that confronts and tackles racism and fascism at all levels of society.

Whether mobilising against fascist demonstrations, fighting the PREVENT agenda, to policing the police and racist border controls, I will help build a vibrant resistance against attacks from the state and the far-right.

I have:

· Campaigned against the racist PREVENT agenda as part of the Students Not Suspects initiative

· Bridged the Black Students’ Campaign with the Black Lives Matter movement

· Worked with the United Families and Friends Campaig01n (UFFC) in campaigning against deaths in custody

· Been active in campaigns against deportations, joined solidarity convoys to the refugee camps in Calais and demonstrated against migrant detention centres like Yarl’s Wood.

If elected I will:

· Continue to campaign for the repeal of PREVENT, and expand Students Not Suspects into Further Education

· Work with the International Students’ Campaign to develop a network against student deportations

· Work with Movement for Justice to #ShutDownYarlsWood and detention centres

· Continue to support UFFC to hold the state to account, and build on campaigns to dismantle the prison-industrial complex.

Equality in Education

The Black Students’ Campaign has long been at the forefront of the fight for free education –As the impending HE White Paper threatens increased tuition fees and the dismantling of institutions with high Black student populations, and FE Area Reviews look to snatch educational opportunity away from many more communities,

We need a movement that is firm in its opposition, and remains true to its principles.

I have:

* Supported the Why Is My Curriculum White? campaign

* Worked with the UCU Black Members Standing Committee against racism in the workplace

* Delivered training sessions on liberating the curriculum to course reps and Education Officers.

If elected I will:

* Continue campaigning for a free, liberated education

* Conduct research into Black students’ experiences in education, especially Black postgraduates and students facing multiple oppressions

* Promote and support grassroots campaign like Why is my curriculum white? nationally

* Create a model campaign toolkits for scholarships for refugees.

* Work with Black sections of education unions for an anti-racist education system

* Work with groups like Black Studies Association to support Black studies modules and courses.

* Campaign around Area Reviews with the NUS VP Further Education

Black Representation

Following years of self-organisation, we have begun to see massive increases in Black representation across the student movement, from campuses across the UK to within NUS itself; and with it, more attention given to the issues affecting Black students.

But as ever, Black success is met with opposition: Black students are undercut in elections and undermined in office, liberation is increasingly in the crosshairs and the Black Students’ Campaign itself has had to contend with smears and attacks.

Our aim now should be to increase, defend and deepen Black representation across structures, ensuring that Black issues remain firmly on the agenda and that we lead the conversation on our liberation, on our terms.

I have:

· Supported Black students running in elections in over a dozen campuses

· Helped to reestablish the Black Students Forum at the Bradford, and supported Black students in elections.

If elected will:

· Develop the Black Sabbs Network and regional networks

· Establish a Black activist network in every region, subsiding FE involvement

· Establish a Black Students’ Association on every campus

· Support Black representation across the Nations

· Organise a vibrant Black History Month – holding national events and supporting you locally

· Defend liberation autonomy at all costs.


The work of the Black Students’ Campaign must always be inclusive of, and responsive to, the voices of those facing multiple oppressions – Black liberation is incomplete without the liberation of the most marginalised within our communities.

I have:

· Supported the successful campaign for a full-time Trans officer and campaign in NUS.

· Set up a society to tackling stigma around disability as part of a successful campaign for a Disabled Students’ Officer.

· Worked with the Black reps on other NUS liberation committee

If elected I will:

* Work with regional and national organisations, like Sisters Uncut and BARAC, to actively campaign against cuts to domestic services affecting Black women

* Ensure that the Black Women’s Forum UK are properly supported to host their annual conference

* Work with the NUS LGBT+ Campaign towards the first Black LGBT+ conference for QTIPoC.

* Work with the NUS Women’s Campaign to highlight the reality of gendered Islamophobia

* Work with groups including Black Mental Health UK for better Black representation and culturally competent care in counselling and psychological services

* Support and empower the Black Disabled, LGBT+, Trans and Women reps on BSC committee, as well as the Black reps on other liberation committees


International Peace and Justice

As Black students, we do not have the option to remain insular in our efforts: international solidarity must be key to all that we do.

From frontline communities facing the brunt of climate change, to those living under the shadow of warfare, occupation and neo-colonialism, to the refugee crisis quite visibly bringing the struggle back to our doorstep – Black students have a duty to ensure that internationalism remains core to the student movement.

I will ensure that we have a Black Students’ Campaign that reflects and champions these priorities.

I have:

· Been involved in the setting up of a Migrants Rights’ Campaign at People & Planet;

· Campaigned against drone strikes in Syria and imperialist western military intervention in countries of the Global South.

· Been active through the Organisation of African Student Unity

· Actively supported the Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions (BDS) movement against the state of Israel.

If elected I will:

* Launch a national ‘Divest from Detention’ campaign, against prisons detention centres and companies profiting from border controls.

* Support frontline communities affected by climate injustice

* Mobilise for the Reparations Now demonstration

* Continue to support BDS campaigns on campuses, roll out workshops and defend our right to boycott.

FB: Facebook.com/Aadam4BSO

Twitter: @AadamMuuse

Website: http://www.aadam4bso.wordpress.com

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