Woman who hid her ‘poop’ in her HANDBAG on a first date has been inundated with attention from male admirers since her tweets went viral

  • Makela’s story went viral when she couldn’t flush the toilet on a date 
  • Now she claims she is being approached by men online 
  • Woman, from Toronto, went on a date and went back to the man’s house
  • She used the toilet but it wouldn’t flush which left her panicking
  • Makela wrapped the ‘poop’ in tissue paper and put in her handbag 

327B121600000578-3505684-image-m-29_1458725857165A woman who revealed how she ended up with ‘poop’ in her bag in a string of tweets that gripped the internet says her new fame has brought her plenty of attention – particularly from men.

Makela, from Toronto, Canada, told US celebrity gossip and viral news site TMZ that she’s been inundated with potential suitors since her story went viral.

327DF8A700000578-3505684-image-a-2_1458746108638Makela who tweets under the username @_blotty, and happily posts rather racy pictures of herself online, detailed how she went to the toilet at her date’s house and when the loo wouldn’t flush, was forced to take extreme measures.

In the series of tweets, which have been retweeted thousands of times, Makela revealed how she panicked, reached into the toilet to fish out her own waste and wrap it in paper. 

She briefly considered throwing it out of the window before shoving it into her bag.

According to TMZ it’s earned her scores of new admirers.

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